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Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali (27 April 1911 – 26 January 1997) was a Muslim Sufi who belonged to the Qadri spiritual order. He was the founder of the non-political, non-profit, religious organisation, Dar-ul-Ehsan. Abu Anees followers spread all around the world and especially in Pakistan. He spent his whole life preaching Islam. He made first Quran Mahal in Pakistan. A large number of people including politicians and officers come Darul Ehsaan to meet Sufi Barkat Ali. His tomb is situated 16 km far from Faisalabad near dasuha on Faisalabad–Samundri Road Faisalabad. Every year, eye camps are arranged at Darul Ehsan in which free eye treatments are provided for many people every year in the month of March and October.

Bulleh Shah’s father, Shah Muhammad Darwaish, was well-versed in Arabic, Persian, and the Quran. Due to uncertain reasons, he had to move to Malakwal, a village of Sahiwal. Later, when Bulleh Shah was six years old, his family moved to Pandoke, which is 50 miles southeast of Kasur. Bulleh Shah was schooled by his father, along with the other children of the village. Most sources confirm that Bulleh Shah had to work as a child and adolescent herder in the village. It is confirmed that he received his higher education in Kasur. Some historians claim that Bulleh Shah received his education at a highly reputed madrassa run by Hafiz Ghulam Murtaza where he taught for some time after his graduation. After his early education, he went to Lahore where he met Inayat Arian, and became his disciple